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Sewer Line Repair in Highland Park

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Your sewer line is one of the most important pieces of plumbing in your entire system. Every drain in your home, from your showers and sinks to your toilets and yard drains all lead to your main sewer line, which then carries your wastewater away from your home to where it can be safely disposed of in the sewers.

Because of the nature of the waste that travels through them, these pipes tend to corrode or degrade over time, resulting in rust, cracks, weak points, or other issues that may eventually turn into leaks. Likewise, tree or other plant roots tend to find their way in through these small gaps, where they grow, expand, and eventually create clogs that back up your entire home’s drain and sewer line network. This is is why we proudly provide sewer line repair in Highland Park for when you need it most.

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Solving Your Sewer Line Problems

Sewer lines can suffer from a number of issues, and for the average person, it can be difficult to tell exactly what’s going on. Sewer lines aren’t exactly easy to inspect without the proper tools, so most people may not even be able to tell what’s wrong with their line just based on the symptoms alone. When you call us for your sewer line problem, we use a plumbing camera to inspect your main sewer line and accurately determine what your problem is, where it’s located, and what the optimal repair is.

We Can Repair Any Type Of Sewer Line Damage, Including:

  • Rusty or corroded lines
  • Cracked or leaking lines
  • Tree root intrusion
  • Collapsed lines

Do I Need To Excavate?

In the past, pretty much the only way to repair a major sewer line problem such as a large clog or damaged pipe was to completely replace the entire line. Today, this isn’t the case. However, sewer lines will eventually wear out and that means they will need to be dug up and replaced when one does. While sewer lines can last for decades without issue, there may come a time where excavating and replacing your sewer line is the most economical choice to both protect your home and prevent other future repair services.

At Little Tommy’s Plumbing Shop, we use all of the tools available to us to accurately gauge the health of your plumbing line and determine the best course of action. In some cases, we can use trenchless pipe repair methods to simply replace your sewer line without an invasive procedure. In other cases, excavation might be the most prudent option.

Our Expert Sewer Repair Services

When your sewer line needs to be fixed, the Highland Park plumbers from Little Tommy’s Plumbing Shop can provide you with years of experience and dependable workmanship. Our certified and highly-trained technicians are equipped with modern tools and high-quality materials to conduct your repair properly and provide you with an ideal, cost-effective solution that repairs the issue for good and keeps your sewer line in the best possible condition. We pride ourselves on honesty—when you ask us for a diagnosis on the condition of your sewer line, we don’t hold back. We want you to make the best decision for your home, so we always recommend our honest, professional opinion, especially if it’s one which helps you save money!

Let us take care of your sewer line issues; contact Little Tommy’s Plumbing Shop!


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