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      "I could not be happier"

      Tom came to my house right away to provide a quote on a somewhat complex basement project. The quote was fair and prompt. The crew was at my house over the course of 3 consecutive days to complete the project, and I could not be happier. Not only did they do a great job (on a not-so-straightforward project), but they were flexible, polite, and patient in working with me to get it done correctly. As a homeowner, it's comforting to have contractors who are willing to explain what they are doing, and they were patient with my naive questions. I would recommend them to anyone and, without question, will be using them for my plumbing needs going forward.

      Tony C.
      "I will not hesitate to use them again and again!"

      Another great experience with Little Tommy's Plumbing! We recently used LTs for a major plumbing project that involved replacing the main line of service in our home. They saved us thousands of dollars over their competitors and got the entire job done in one day. The city inspector told me how impressed he was with their work. Instead of having a huge hole in my basement, I barely needed to swiffer. The Little Tommy's team works seamlessly with the city and its contractors to ensure an easy process for us. I will not hesitate to use them again and again!

      Mariah C.
      "I LOVE this company!"

      I LOVE this company and can recommend them without reservation. They always do a fabulous job! They may not be the least expensive, but they are certainly the best! Kudos to Little Tommy's!

      Shelley G. Highland Park, IL
      "Always very helpful, responsive, professional, and friendly."

      I've used Little Tommy's four to five times over as many years. Always very helpful, responsive, professional, and friendly. Much as I hate having to have repairs done, they're inevitable, and I'm very happy Little Tommy's is there to help when I do.

      Charles T.
      "I feel like the always put me first!"

      I like Little Tommy's Plumbing Shop, Inc., and I have always been really happy with their work. They are nice people, and I feel like they always put me first. They are one of the few service companies that I do not shop around for price, because their service is so good. The last time they came out, I was afraid that I had a major repair on my hands, but come to find out it was just a minor repair to the sump pump that I needed. Little Tommy's Plumbing Shop, Inc. is an honest company, and they do not try to upsell anything. I highly recommend them to everyone! They're just a good company!

      Diane Deerfield, IL
      "Tom did a great job."

      Tom did a great job. We should have done this years ago.

      Max M.