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Sump Pump Installation in Highland Park

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If you have a basement, underground garage, or other room located beneath the ground level of your home, it faces a risk different from any other above-ground room in your home. That risk is underground water—water which absorbs into the ground from rain to irrigation sprinklers and anything in between could all filter down through the soil and eventually into your underground rooms.

A sump pump system’s job is to collect this water and pump it away to your sewer system, where it can be safely disposed of without damaging your home. But if something goes wrong with your sump pump, your underground space will be unprotected, and that’s a recipe for disaster.

Need a sump pump installed in your basement or underground room? Call Little Tommy’s Plumbing Shop at (847) 443-9115 or contact online today.

Should you Repair or Replace Your Sump Pump?

One of the questions which often puzzles homeowners is whether or not they should repair their current pump or replace it outright.

In most cases, a repair will save you money for today, but repairing an old pump may only be a temporary fix until your pump breaks again soon, which means it’s not really the economical choice. Making the decision to repair or replace is an important one, and our experienced Highland Park plumbers can give you our honest opinion as to which option is best for you.

You May Need A New Sump Pump System If:

  • Your system is more than seven years old
  • Your system tends to turn on and off intermittently
  • Your system refuses to turn on, or turns on and then won’t turn off
  • Your pump makes an excessive amount of noise

Even though your pump may be working well today, paying attention to your pump’s operation is important. In most cases, pumps will show signs of wear and tear before they actually give out, and being proactive about your pump’s care could allow you to replace it before a major emergency, such as a pump giving out in the middle of a rainstorm.

How Long Do Sump Pumps Last on Average?

Similar to other important home appliances, sump pumps will eventually need to be replaced. Sump Pumps usually lasts around 10 years. Around this time is when you begin noticing your sump pump not running as optimally.

How We Can Help

At Little Tommy’s Plumbing Shop, we know sump pump systems, inside and out. When you need to make sure that your basement is protected, our team is here for you and can provide you with installation services that set your system up correctly.

We take pride in a job well done, and we hold ourselves to high standards in every aspect of our plumbing business, from the products we sell to the labor and materials we provide. We take pride in what we do, and we serve you with honesty, integrity, and transparency through every step of the service we provide. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we want to exceed your expectations whenever you trust your home to us.

Let Little Tommy’s Plumbing Shop keep your home protected! Contact us today for more information.

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