Little Tommy's Plumbing Shop, Inc. FAQ Contact Us Today
    • Are your technicians qualified?
      Yes. We are not a handyman service. Our technicians must go through five years of training and pass a written and practical test to become an Illinois State Licensed Plumber. Continuing education is required each year to keep their licensing current. We will always arrive in a Little Tommy's marked truck stocked with the most common materials needed to make the repairs you need. Our technicians will be dressed in a Little Tommy's uniform. Our techs are background checked and drug tested. Little Tommy’s Plumbing is licensed by the State of Illinois, insured, and bonded.
    • How do you calculate pricing?

      We understand that care of your home can be expensive. We will always be conscientious of this and do whatever we can to keep our prices affordable. Our technicians will always give you the price of service before any work is started. Your signature is required to start any work so that there are no surprises. Therefore, we require a decision-making adult (over 18) to be present while our technicians are in your home. Should this not be possible, we will work with you via email and phone to make sure you understand what the charges will be before work is started. In situations when additional investigation is required, our technicians will keep in contact with you at each stage so that you can be assured that there are no surprises on the final bill.

      Regarding our price structure, we use an upfront pricing system. All our expenses, wages, etc. are calculated, and then a moderate profit percentage is added.

    • What is the importance of having a plumbing inspection performed?
      We recommend that all clients have an annual plumbing inspection. We do a 12-point inspection to make sure your plumbing system is running properly, and, in many cases, we can then do preventative maintenance/repairs to keep your plumbing costs down.
    • Do you offer service reminders?
      It is very important to keep our clients informed when services are needed at their homes. When service is due, we will call, send an email, and send a post card to give you a timely heads-up. Ultimately, it is at the homeowner's discretion to have the recommended service completed.
    • What kinds of discounts do you offer?
      Most of our work is discounted when payment is made at time of service completion. Note: Any remodeling, sewer repairs, or pre-bid work, all discounts are applied at the time the price is quoted.
    • How does emergency service work?
      Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM. Service that occurs outside our regular business hours is defined as emergency service. While we try to limit emergency work to major problems – such as no hot water, clogged sewer, flooding, no working toilets in the home, gas leaks, or ceiling leaks – we understand that our clients may define emergencies differently. While we waive our service charge if work is performed during normal business hours, the $239 emergency dispatch fee is NOT waived after hours.
    • What is a minimum service call?
      There are occasions when a very minor repair is uncovered and minimal time and parts are needed to make the repair. These calls are subject to our minimum service call fee.
    • How do I schedule service?
      We strive to make scheduling with us as simple as possible. In our business, we find that some situations need to take precedence over others, as some can cause catastrophic damage. A leaky faucet is very different than a flooded basement. We will always put the catastrophe ahead of the minor repair or adjustment.