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As Illinois residents already know, not having hot water in the wintertime can be a nightmare. In fact, not having hot water any time of year can be a nightmare! Think of everything you use hot water for: cleaning, cooking, bathing. That’s why when you need water heater repairs, you need a company that knows what they’re doing. Luckily, our Highland Park plumbing professionals at Little Tommy’s Plumbing Shop have the experience and skills you need. A family plumbing business since 1960, Little Tommy’s offers a full range of water heater services. Call now to schedule a Highland Park water heater repair appointment with one of our qualified technicians.

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How Do I Know My Water Heater Needs To Be Repaired?

There is no one surefire signal that your water heater is malfunctioning. However, there are a few things that strongly indicate it may be time to call for a plumber.

Common Signs Your Water Heater May Need A Repair Include:

  • Foul odors
  • Rust-colored water
  • Water leaking from your water heater
  • Cold water that won't heat up

What’s Wrong With My Water Heater?

Water heaters are complicated instruments, and unfortunately, it’s often difficult to pinpoint the exact reason they malfunction. It’s always better to call for a water heater repair technician early on, however, as waiting to deal with a problem oftentimes leads to further damage.

Common Water Heater Problems Our Team Deals With Include:

  • Thermostat Problems: Your thermostat basically controls the water heater. If it is not functioning correctly, you may not be able to control the heating and cooling ability of the unit.
  • Electrical Issues: Most modern water heaters use electrical sensors. If these components break or fail to work correctly, you could be left shivering in your shower.
  • Physical Damage: Dents, cracks, and leaks in your water tank can spell disaster. If you spot physical damage on your water heater, make sure to call a professional right away.

Why Should I Call A Professional Plumber?

Not only can waiting to call for water heater repairs lead to more issues, but it will also cost you more in the long-run. A water heater that undergoes periodic repairs and maintenance will function better, reducing your energy bills and creating an overall safer environment for everyone in your home.

Our Skilled Water Heater Repair Pros Will:

  • Check the pressure relief valve
  • Remove any sediment build-up by flushing the water heater
  • Examine the anode rod
  • Insulate the heater if necessary
  • Adjust the temperature
  • Insulate the pipes if necessary

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late! Call Little Tommy’s Plumbing Shop Today.

We know that water heater repairs are probably not your idea of a great time, but trust us, your family will thank you for dealing with the problem sooner rather than later. We offer upfront pricing to fit with any budget, and financing options so you never have to worry about being able to afford quality service. And with 24/7 availability, there’s no reason not to call Tommy’s for all your plumbing needs! Don’t wait until your water heater is beyond repair. Hire Little Tommy’s Plumbing Shop, and find out why our Highland Park customers love us for yourself.

To schedule a Highland Park water heater repair service, dial (847) 443-9115, or contact us online.

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