Thank you for choosing us to complete your service work. If you have any questions regarding the service provided, please contact us within five (5) business days of the completion of work so that we can address your concerns.


Labor. We guarantee our workmanship for 90 days. This applies only as it relates to specific new parts that we have provided and for the work stated.

Parts. All new parts that we provide are warranted for one (1) year or as warranted by the manufacturer of the part(s).

Rodding. All drains are warranted for a 30 day period from the date of service as stated above.

Guarantees are doubled for our MVP Clients!

Warranty Details

Warranty on repair work is 90 days and is limited to the item(s) we worked on. When we provide and install new fixtures, faucets, water heaters, pumps, piping, and related equipment we warranty the work for 2 years. The homeowner must keep up with any of the maintenance that the manufacturer recommends keeping the warranty active.

The warranty period is the period from when the initial work is completed. A second trip does not reset the warranty period. Sump and ejector pumps are also covered under the repair or new equipment warranty. However, should the unit become jammed with any foreign materials or objects, the warranty is voided, and you may be charged for a service call.

Our warranty on drains and sewers is a little different. Because we have no control over what is put down pipes, we warrant 30 days from the rodding date. Flushing anything other than toilet paper down the toilet will void the warranty. Additionally, once we open a kitchen line, it is up to the homeowner to not use the kitchen line for grease and large batches of food. Should the same line need to be serviced again within the 30-day warranty period, it will be done at no charge. Problem sewer lines may require a video to see what the blockage is and/or if the line is broken.

There is no warranty on frozen pipes. Once we have the line thawed and water is running, it is up to the homeowner to keep the pipes from refreezing. Should we need to return to thaw the line again, or a separate line, there will be an additional charge.

Sump and battery back up pumps should be maintained regularly. Back up pumps are not guaranteed to prevent flooding. They do add an extra level of protection for your home. We offer no warranty against flooding.

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