Avoid These Common Holiday Plumbing Problems

The holidays are a wonderful time to gather with loved ones and share wonderful meals and experiences. A plumbing emergency, however, is one embarrassing event you may not want to share with friends and family.

In the Kitchen

During your winter feast, your garbage disposal may be working overtime. To keep it spinning, avoid pouring fats, oils, and grease of any kind down the drain. You can remember these “no-no’s” using the acronym FOG. Any FOG you introduce to your sink can quickly congeal and stick to the walls of your disposal chamber or clog the drainpipe. Keep FOG out of your sink and dispose of it in your garbage can instead. If your oils or grease are too hot to throw away, let them cool down and congeal in an old metal can beforehand.

Other food items you should keep out of your disposal include beans, rice, pasta, and bread. When this porous food material expands, it can cause quite the backup.

Consider composting these foods, along with bones and other high-fiber food-waste.

In the Bathroom

When you have guests, your restrooms get a lot of extra use. If you are a Saver’s Club member, keep up with your annual maintenance, and are proactive about clearing build-ups, this shouldn’t be an issue in the slightest.

If your toilet does get clogged, though, remember to call a professional. If a plunger doesn’t do the trick, drain-clearing chemicals may only make the situation worse.

Hot Water Heaters

Whether you’re washing up in the bathroom or working in the kitchen, you will need hot water to make your holiday go-round. Sometimes, cold winter air causes older water heaters to fail or fracture, which can result in flooding or a lack of hot water while the family is in town.

At Little Tommy’s Plumbing Shop, we are offering $200 off our 75-gallon water heaters and $150 off our 40- and 50-gallon water heaters.

Instead of paying for an expensive repair or risking a holiday sans hot water, you may want to consider a water heater replacement.

Other Holiday Sales

If you’d like to install a garbage disposal before preparing your winter meal or doing the holiday dishes, we can give you $50 off your garbage disposal installation. Just remember to avoid FOG, even with a brand-new disposal!

We are also offering $50 off our membership renewal, so you can enjoy a preventative plumbing checkup and peace of mind before the holidays. If you’re a member and something does go wrong during your celebrations, you can also rely on our services with a special, members-only discount.

Call Tommy Today and We’re on the Way

Before the holidays, you may want to have our friendly plumbing professionals check your home and complete overdue maintenance.

During the festivities, you can always call us if something goes wrong.

We’ve been providing fast, reliable, and guaranteed service for Chicago’s North Shore for nearly 30 years. We’re available 24/7 and can be reached at (847) 443-9115 or online.

When you visit our site, we hope you consider joining our Saver’s Club or renewing your membership! Even if your celebrations go off without a hitch, you will enjoy a full year of savings on your plumbing costs.

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