Savers' Club
A Full Year of Plumbing Cost Savings

Everyone wants to save on home care costs. The ones you don't plan for like replacing a water heater, unclogging a main sewer line, or having to repair a leak on your copper pipe are especially bothersome. Then, of course there are the fun things like getting a new kitchen faucet, adding a hot water dispenser, or installing a new rain shower showerhead in your bathroom. Why not save on these and all the service that Little Tommy's offers?

Welcome to our new Savers' Club! We've taken a lot into consideration to put this plan together. It offers members a huge savings benefit plus our always great, professional service and warranty.

So, what are the benefits? Glad you asked! Here are the membership perks:

  • Save 12% on all service calls (Payment at service time is required to receive the discount. Does not include remodels, sewer repairs, new projects, etc.)
  • Reduced dispatch fee for calls scheduled during our regular hours. ($49 vs $89)
  • Pay the regular hour dispatch fee (currently $89) for emergency calls vs. the emergency dispatch fee (currently $169)
  • Priority scheduling
  • Service reminders via phone call, email, and postcard
  • Annual 12-Point Plumbing Inspection (a $229 value) includes:
    • Test and inspect every toilet
    • Examine every faucet
    • Make sure your pop-up assemblies are working
    • Inspect all exposed water lines
    • Inspect exposed drains for leaks
    • Inspect washing machine hoses for wear
    • Check outside faucets
    • Check exposed gas connections (including barbeque)
    • Water heater inspection includes checking for gas and water leaks; check flue pipe; check functionality of the safety valve
    • Check home's water pressure
    • Inspect clean outs
    • Check and tag all emergency shut off valves

The membership is just $175 for the first year, then $99 for each year after. (Note: to receive the $99 price, you must renew before your initial membership expires - no gaps in coverage. Memberships are not discounted. Current MVP clients can convert their coverage for the $99 rate.)

Senior Special! Since we already extend seniors (65 and up) the 12% discount, we wanted to do something special so that you can take advantage of all the other perks the club offers. Get the upgraded perks with a $99 membership fee for the first year, and then the rate drops to $80 for each year after. (Note: to receive the $80 price you must renew before your initial membership expires - no gaps in coverage. Memberships are not discounted.)

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