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What's in a name?

Little Tommy Plumbing Winnetka IL

Little Tommy’s Plumbing Shop is an odd name.  We admit it.  But, the story behind the name is what I would like to share.
Growing up in Highwood, one of my favorite things to do to pass a summer’s day was to go around to my neighbors’ yards as they tended their gardens, grape vines and fruit trees.  They would tell me stories of the old country, try to teach me Italian and always give me a cold glass of Tamarindo (an Italian soft drink.)  I still like it to this day!!
I am sure I was a huge pest, but they were all nice to me.  Over time they started calling me, “Little Tommy Mahoney.”  To all that know me this is an oxymoron along the same line of “jumbo shrimp." Sadly, most of these wonderful people are now gone.  I hope, in a small way, that the name “Little Tommy’s” honors these people who were so kind to me as I was growing up.

— Tommy Mahoney